Y. Choe (choey@usa.net)
Tue, 4 May 1999 19:43:15 -0700

> > http://www.multimania.com/aeug/Images/badassgm.JPG
> I officially suggest that the official name of this GM variant to be
> "RGM-79[GBA] GM BadAss Type". Hey, does that gun remind anyone else of the
> big sniper rifle from Evangeleon?

I second that motion! However, did anyone notice that the badass beam rifle
reminds you of the Positron Gun from Eva? The gun is missing the treads and
all that, but on the surface, that reminds me of the Eva Positron Gun very
much. So, I'm thinking the GM lies down on the ground or is in a very
stable position with the gun on the ground, much like real life snipers with
big sniper guns that can't be used as conventional hold and sling rifle...
A true sniper rifle for UC Gundam...

Y. "Not Badass" Choe

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