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Comics Buyer's Guide #1330 (May 14, 1999) ISSN 0745-4570, Page 24:

"The Anime/Manga Shelf

This week in Japanese comics and animation

Available now ... Reviewed by Joyce Greenholdt

Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 #1
Viz Comics
$2.95, b/w, 32 pages
Written by Hajime Yadate and Yoshiyuki Tomino; art by Kazuhisa Kondo

While not Japan's first giant-robot series, 1979's Mobile Suit Gundam TV
series has survived 20 years in TV, movie, video, comics, model, and toy
form. Bandai Entertainment is making the animation available to American
audiences, and recently Viz released an English translation of the first
issue of the comic-book series.

In a future where much of humanity has made its home in space, a horrendous
war is underway between to factions: the Zeons and the Earth Federation
Government. Both sides use single-pilot, giant humanoid fighting machines
called Gundams.

In the first issue, Zeons are attacking attacking a space colony where a
new Federation prototype Gundam is being developed. In the confusion, as
Federation troops try to evacuate civilians and safeguard the finished
prototypes, a teen-age boy, Amuro, activates one of the prototypes to
defend the colony.

The first issue manages to give readers a basic introduction to the series,
at least a glimpse at each of the main characters, and gets our hero right
into the middle of the fighting. Unfortunately, some kind of production
problem made some of the introductory captions difficult to read, but only
one page is affected. There's a lot of information packed into the issue,
buit it's laid out in coherent fashion. The art is cloiser to what
American audiences are used to than the sterotypical manga, without the
overly exaggerated eyes and facial expressions that turn off many new readers."


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