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Tue, 4 May 1999 17:39:21 -0700 (MST)

> >big categories of MS all in the same MS-combat role. It's different than
> >if they'd kept Doms on the front lines, Zakus backing them up and doing
> >rescue/guard work, and Gelgoogs only for special long range intercepts.
> So why didn't they do that? IIRC, Char's special "New Type" unit in
> the OYW was equipped with R/Doms specifically to make them the pointy end of
> the spearhead (They took out HOW MANY cap ships in their raid on the
> moon???). So are you saying them had the idea, but ran out of time?

  Well, the Jions had the problem that they didn't bother 'phasing out'
things while keeping them in action. They were always trying to come up
with "The perfect ultimate weapon" MS, and in the end, had a collection of
ragtag Zakus Doms and Gelgoogs and were chaotically (and stupidly)
throwing them into the battle willy-nilly without any real structure or
heirarchy. They were disorganized and desperate toward the end.

> What's this with Gelgoogs being a long range interceptor?

  It isn't... but compared to the other Jion MS, it definately had that
capability, and probably should have been used as such.

> >better comparison would be to the LEM lander, which in fact _does_ have
> >thrusters studded all around it.
> Okay, okay.. I surrender. =) the Great Probe has spoken! =)
> (It was interesting while it lasted. =)

  Hey, it doesn't have to end!

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