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Tue, 4 May 1999 17:29:42 -0700 (MST)

> On a serious note, though....I wonder what happens to junked GM's/obsolete
> MS's...aside from becoming orbital junk or battlefield debris? Are they

  Well, most of the Jion mechs were probably either destroyed or melted
down for scrap after the 1YW, though some derelicts apparently fall to the
Oldsmobile Whackos years later.
  GMs were retrofitted, rebuilt, and reused for MANY years after the war,
probably until they started dropping dead from age... those were durable
dependable robots, like the F-4 fighter from RL.

> aircraft carrier), or are they stripped of their mailitary-only equipment
> and turned into worker MS? Or are they sold as surplus to people who can
> afford private armies, or turned into gladiators (ala Battletech)?

  Well, nobody in Gundam seems to have a legitimate private army, and I
figger that most of the construction work is done with the junior and
medium mobile suits. After all, there isn't too much cause or need for a
60 foot tall piece of construction machinery.
  My bet is that most of the Federal Forces MS ended up just like most of
the US's decomissioned aircraft and tanks, i.e., standing out in the
Tucson Arizona sun south of town in the military graveyard.

  After all, how many decommissioned M-60 tanks do you see riding around
as backhoes or steamshovels?
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