Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Tue, 4 May 1999 16:32:18 -0700 (MST)

> that was my impression: it needs some huge power source and that wacky
> battery looked like one to me (and yeah, it's huge).

  The thing is, the only picture I've seen of the GM with that gun is of a
model of it (are we actually going to _get_ this model from Bandai, BTW?)
holding the rifle off to one side... I don't see how it's possible for
this GM to actually hold that huge gun with its huge telescoping sight up
to its 'eyes' without tipping over! How did it handle this huge behemoth
cannon in the anime?
  I wonder if this GM carries some sort of sidearm 'just in case'?

> > gun was completely exhausted after that 10-second cookie-cutter-from-hell
> (8MST ep 11 spoilers)
> Well, considering the GM "cut" the Kelgeren and then blasted a gouf
> flight type, I'd say it's very resourceful. The other "cut" (on the MA)
> is made by the same sniper in fact. The other Sniper just shoots the

  WOW! That's a gun that could have won the 1YW! Imagine the short work it
would have made of just about every monster Mobile Armor we've seen so

> > > Basically it's a regular land use GM with a badass beam rifle but what I
> > How different is the name, wasn't it something like "GM Ground Use"? Of
> It doesn't use the same kanjis, that's all, but *to me* the meaning is
> the same.

  I see... well, it doesn't look like anything special, other than for the
more 'subdued' camo color scheme...

> BTW, I posted art of the Apsaras and that GM:

  Hey, is it just me, or does the Asparas look _really_ goony with those
giant giant "Balloon Knees" that it has? I mean, if you filled those
things with helium instead of M-particles the thing could probably float
away on them! And the giant tripod legs make it look like a reject from
"War of the Worlds" or "Evangeleon"! That is just a really strange looking


  I officially suggest that the official name of this GM variant to be
"RGM-79[GBA] GM BadAss Type". Hey, does that gun remind anyone else of the
big sniper rifle from Evangeleon?


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