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>> ...claws also make for mean hand-to-hand MS combat, which reminds me of a
>> certain Kai Allard Liao and his mech with claws from BattleTech.
>wait...I don't recall Kai Allard Liao piloting any battlemech with
claws...Also, how
>come a Virgo's planet defensor system could be shorted out by a push from
any MS,
>specifically the Sank Kingdom's Taurus?

        Tsk, tsk...the Yen-Lo-Wang has titanium claws on one arm...Kai was able to
take down quite a few with those darn claws...the claws go back to the time
Justin Allard Liao used them, as a sort of tribute to the poisoned nails
(very long and carbon graphite reinforced) that the capellan nobles favor.

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