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> Prabal Nandy wrote:
> >
> > > immediate family member. By the time of Zeta Gundam, Char's vendetta has
> > > cool considerably. And most importantly, Mineva would be important
> > > politically, as a rally point for the former Zeon subjects as well as
> >
> > Oh, and not to mention that, SHE WAS A CHILD! I mean, for all of Char's
> > machinations and murderings, he's not depraved enough to shoot a girl who
> > was just a baby back when he was murdering her parents and relatives.
> > What would be interesting is if instead of Minerva, we had "Miniver"
> > I.e., a young 8-year old Male Zabi, Heir to the Empire. Would Char have
> > killed this little kid? (My bet is yes).
> Very intersting premises for both responses. However, We'll never really
> know what exactly would've gone down since CCA has Char doing his own disap-
> pearing act (or was he vaporized in that burst of Newtype energy that bounced
> Axcis back into orbit at the end?).
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Just remember that Crossbones Vanguard ace Zabine Chareaux does bear a striking
resemblance to the legendary Red Comet of Zeon...

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