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Probe says:
> > Well, the Sniper is quite independant in the anime and I didn't see any
> > wires or whatsoever linking it to a battleship. I thought that battery
> > was some Epac in fact (that would explain how it manages to fire a
> > continuous beam on a flying target for like 10 seconds) but it's been a
> > long time since I've read anything about Epacs so I might as well be
> It's a HUGE friggin' gun, just about the biggest 1YW-era beam rifle I'd
> ever seen till the Gerbera Tetra... I'd wager that the huge big butt on
> the gun has got to be a giant ECAP (There doesn't seem to be any clip that

Sorry, I keep mixing the letters of ECAP (third time in 5 days). Yeah,
that was my impression: it needs some huge power source and that wacky
battery looked like one to me (and yeah, it's huge).

> I can identify on that gun). If that's so, it might be a big weapon that
> must be recharged _on_a_ship_ before it can be used again. I wonder if the
> gun was completely exhausted after that 10-second cookie-cutter-from-hell
> attack?

(8MST ep 11 spoilers)
Well, considering the GM "cut" the Kelgeren and then blasted a gouf
flight type, I'd say it's very resourceful. The other "cut" (on the MA)
is made by the same sniper in fact. The other Sniper just shoots the
> > Basically it's a regular land use GM with a badass beam rifle but what I
> > can't understand is why then its name is written differently? (if you
> > check volume 10's insert, its name isn't the same as regular ground
> How different is the name, wasn't it something like "GM Ground Use"? Of
> course, 8MST is so whacked it might not be worth worrying about
> nomenclature...

It doesn't use the same kanjis, that's all, but *to me* the meaning is
the same.
Yeah, I think so but it would go against its own nomenclature, that's
what's so strange about it.
BTW, I posted art of the Apsaras and that GM:
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