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> I tend to agree that it might be an earth-digging tool, although it
> probably have to be removed from the arm-lock. alternatively, It could
> also be used as a sort of shield wall for human sized facilities, and the
> claws also make for mean hand-to-hand MS combat, which reminds me of a
> certain Kai Allard Liao and his mech with claws from BattleTech.

Actually, that's Justin Allard, Kai's father. He add three blade extensions
to the left hand of his CN9-A Centurion, the Yin-Lo-Wang, in addition to
exchanging the AC/10 in the right arm for a Pontiac AC/20. One blade extended
from each one of the last three fingers of the hand, honoring his mentor. I
can't seem to remember that guy's name, but he was later the husband of
Romano Liao, and the father of Sun-Tzu and Kali Liao. Justin had those blades
removed at some point before he had Yin-Lo-Wang prepped for Kai's use in the
war with the clans. That prepping involved replacing the old Pontiac with a
new Gauss Rifle and two rear facing medium lasers. Kai lost the Yin-Lo-Wang
in an offensive against the Jade Falcons. He later pilots a Hatchetman in the
battle of Twycross, and then an assortment of light and medium mechs until
the Yin-Lo-Wang is salvaged. Then He used it on Solaris VII as the corner
stone of his Cenograph stable. he didn't bring Yin-Lo-Wang with him in
operation Bulldog (or was that Dagger?) were the Inner Sphere took the war to
the clans and annihilated the clan Smoke Jaguar. I'm currently reading
Threads of Ambition, which involves Sun-Tzu Liao's drive to reclaim the St.
Ives Compact. I expect Kai to show up in a Black Knight, though, if I
remember correctly the BattleMech he is currently piloting. Although,
fielding the mighty Yin-Lo-Wang would be somewhat appropriate.

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