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Mark S. wrote:

>Okay, here's a Grand Unification scenario for you.

Great work, Mark!

But just forget the 'scale' and 'historical importance' for a moment
and take the TOMINO-DIRECTED U.C. GUNDAM ANIMES into the '[n]th Space
War' analogy, then you get the 1YW [1st SW], Gryps War [2nd SW], Neo Zeon
War [3rd SW], Char's Rebellion [4th SW], Cosmo Babylonia Founding War
[5th SW], and Zanscare War [6th SW]!!!

> First, the Universal Century cycle. Throw in a few more rounds of
>escalating and never-resolved Earth-versus-space conflict, eventually
>leading to the 7th Space War.

How about this: After VG, secret police Maha arises, and the clash
between Maha and Metatron occurred. (I know that Gaia Gear is now
almost-officially out-of-continuity, but I couldn't help it...:)
The conclusion of the conflict was unknown, but Feds remained okay
and thanks to Maha's "Re-immigration to Earth project"[*1], they decided
to move the capital city from the moon to the Earth, so once again the
Earth became the political heart of the Earth sphere and its residents.
Before the moving, the Feds secretly built somewhat mysterious facility
on the moon[*2]. The Feds' monopoly on the mother planet and its rich
resources got serious, and the colonies were treated badly more than
ever, so the rebellion colony named CLOUD-9 declared independence, and
the 7th Space War begins...

[*1] from the G*G chronology inserted in the drama CD booklet.

[*2] guess what?

>Thus we get the oh-so-UC-like After War saga of Gundam X, complete
>with newtypes and conventional space colonies.

My theory: Von Alternative, the former engineering officier of old
federation forces, bought the company named Anaheim in the chaos of
afterwar period, then changed its name into ALTERNATIVE Co. (this
ambitious man, however, will get killed by the tough-as-good-as-nail
'Gundam kid' named Garrod Ran... :-)

>At the end of the story, an 8th Space War is averted,

Side notes: Because of the D.O.M.E.'s declaration "the old age is
over", the old-fashioned concept called NEWTYPE lost its meaning
and was forgotten forever...

>but not for long.
>Cue another round of conflict, drop all the colonies, and the skies are
>clear for later series.
> Civilization rebuilds. New colonies are created by each of Earth's
>nations, this time as sanctuaries for their ruling elites. The Gundam
>Fight is instituted to keep the peace. At some point this high technology
>is lost, the new colonies destroyed or abandoned, and humanity returns to
>Earth once more. Who knows, maybe Chaos War II breaks out and makes
>everyone forget all about G Gundam.
> Okay, one more round. For philosophical reasons, I'd like to place
>Gundam W last, since it's the only Gundam universe where the fundamental
>problems are actually resolved and a lasting peace is established. Thus
>the human race enters a long twilight of happy stagnation, eventually
>regressing back to the pastoral bliss of Turn A's scenario.

My theory: Fortunately, an 8th Space War is averted and the peace
conference between the Earth and colonies was held, thus humanity
began to seek out the new age of peaceful co-existence. In space,
they replaced the old-fashioned Island-3 type cylinders into all-
new, good-mannered Island-2 type wheels as their standard colony
model. On the Earth, several self-made ex-Vulture millionaires bought
the family name of well-known nobles from the old century (just like
Ronahs) and made their own power-controlling interest group, ROMPELLER
FOUNDATION. The foundation accepted the admission of the famous world
leaders and gained political powers by assimilating the remain of the
COMPANY, on which their private military organization called OZ was
based. But then, the small conflicts generated by local intersts weren't
terminated, so they decided the powerful peacemaking organization based
on the new federation, called Earth SPHERE UNIFIED ALLIANCES.

Then the resurrection of the old Earth-versus-colony matchup, and the
NOVA, THE EVE WARS, plus the events told in BLIND TARGET and ENDLESS
WALTZ. At last, the era of real peace came along, and the weaponry
named mobile suits was permanently (at that time) prohibited. The
humanity gave all they've got into the new objective, the space
exploration; Terraforming of the Mars began[*3], and a observation
facility was built around the Saturn[*4]. The great innovation of
technology and the accomplishment of worldwide wealth came true!
On the other hand, the governmental peacekeeping department PREVENTER
changed its name to SHUFFLE DOMEI and continued to keep the humanity
from the horror of the self-destruction for many centuries[*5].

[*3] In the epilogue of EW, Zechs & Noin goes to take on the job.

[*4] In G Gundam, note Andrew Graham's flashback scenes in which
     the days of Saturn base was vaguely described.

[*5] A friend of mine joked that DUO MAXWELL's hairdo looks much
     like MASTER ASIA, despite their different nationality... ;->

But the human nature was not that simple thing, sadly. The Earth has
been comtaminated by the long history of battle and reconstruction,
so the elites of each countries left the rotten mother planet behind and
moved to the convinient, blessful space colonies. In the process, the
colonies went through several major changes thanks to the new and improved
gravity-controlling technology, and so forth. As the result, the colonies
became mystical flying islands like LAPUTA, and only the chosen ones could
live in there. Finally, the balance of power between the colonies was
broken, and the 1st Earth Chaos War occur. To beat their opponents, the
colony-based super-countries decided to revive their ancestor's weapon of
doom, and started to manufacture the mobile suits again! The war was over,
but the possibility of the second Chaos war was still remained, so they
decided that the leadership of the colony nations should be arranged by
GUNDAM FIGHT, the whole-earth-scale future-sports that was suggested by
prominent strategist PROFESSOR E.G.DUCER.

Devil Gundam was destroyed and the humanity was saved. But the hidden
dark sides of GF were compeletly revealed and the rage of Devil Gundam
made the people reconsider about the good and the bad of the technology-
driven society they live. Finally GF was closed, and whole humanity was
divided into three faction, and each faction had different thoughts about
the way they should proceed on. That is, A) We must go over the
restriction of the gravity and proceed into the new frontier. B) We
must concentrate our energy to preserve the technology-based civilization,
instead of further space exploration. C) We must give away the doomed
technology and go back to our ancestor's way of life, the co-existence
with the mother nature. Then the great experimentation that would go
with the fate of whole humanity was initialized. A) faction converted
all the space colonies into the huge armada of generation spaceships
and went into the shadow of deep space, hoping to find a new home for
their future descendants. B) faction moved to the lunar cities and
cut all communications with the Earth, and went their own way on the
lonely satellite of the Earth. C) faction deserted almost all technology
except for a few 'human-friendly' alternatives, and began to live on the
bare earth like their ancestors did. As time goes by, the things from the
past became legends, the memory of space travel became faint, and the
mystic statue WHITE DOLL was waiting for the promised moment, THE TIME

...And about 2,000 years have passed...... well? ;-)

>If you don't buy that, then maybe Turn A's Earth is a patchwork planet
>like in Orguss, made up of chunks of alternate Earths from all the
>previous Gundam series. <grin>

Great! The big war occurs in OUR A.D. universe, and some crazy young
soldier push the activate switch of the ultimate dimensionary weapon
by 100% mistake, and everything named Gundam will be together in one
place, one time!!! (I'll call this SUPER DIMENSION MOBILE CENTURY
OrG-UNDAM, if you don't mind, hehehe... :)

> Actually, on that note, Gundam ZZ and Return of the Jedi are both as
>canonical as they come, and neither has any gross continuity violations.
>But I still try not to think about either of 'em very much...!

Gundam ZZ, I understand, but ROJ, why? (just curious)

Egan Loo wrote:

>^^ Have people seen the illustration for a Gundam Convention event poster,
>with every major character from every Gundam arrayed for a giant photo-op?
>I hope I'm not the only person who wanted it hanging on a wall. ^^;

Me too. A friend of mine who went to Japan last month gave me a copy of
the B5 size poster, and it was beautiful. (Though the artist didn't do
justice to some characters, well...:) Unfortunately I don't have a scanner
so that I can't convert it into the digital form...... <sigh>

-Sunwook 'Love Athena Henderson!' Kim

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