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Long long time ago, Dyar wrote:

>There's another aspect to this, too. The Moon Race/Earth Race (for want of
>a better term) dichotomy is also reminiscent of a book written in the 1960s
>by Arthur C. Clarke and later updated by him -- then updated by Greg Bear
>(or was it Benford? I forget!) just a few years ago. The original title
>was THE CITY AND THE STARS and the updated version is called AGAINST THE

Excuse me, but isn't AGAINST THE FALL OF NIGHT the original and THE CITY
AND THE STARS the updated version? I just have read the translated Korean
version of the latter several years ago, and was really impressed by its
great storytelling and descriptions of the things to come.

>The setting is thousands, possibly millions, of years in the future. Earth
>is a desert except for the the City, Diaspar, which is the ultimate
>techological habitat, where everything is perfectly maintained by
>self-repairing robots and humans live in total leisure. Or so everyone in
>Diaspar thinks. Unknown to them, Diaspar has a reverse-twin, Lys, which is
>an idyllic symbiosis of humans and a somewhat tailored "Nature" where no
>machines other than those powered by muscle, wind and water are allowed.
>The hero "escapes" from Diaspar to Lys, only to rebel against both extremes
>and seek a middle ground. This he does in an ancient, abandoned starship
>-- the people of Diaspar and Lys turned their backs on the stars eons ago,
>burying the last ship in the desert for Our Hero to find and appropriate.
>This, it seems, was intentional -- the founders of Diaspar and Lys left
>this one ship, which contains both the Diaspar machine science and the Lys
>biological science, in the event that Someone might come along who could
>bridge the gulf between them....

Hey, that's the brilliant parallel. Maybe this could be THE idea Tomino
is hiding under his sleeves. Of course it is nothing more than a good fan
speculation until the real show unfold its secrets completely... But that
gave me an IDEA... <grin>

-Sunwook 'odyssey forever' Kim

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