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>warfare. They were equipped for a short slap-down-kick one-week war, not
>for an extended conflict... even then, they could have won easily if
>they'd gotten their butts in gear, produced a ton of Zak-Rs and crushed
>the Federation instead of succumbing to all sorts of internal power plays.

        They WERE wining... until they let Revil loose. =)

> Mmm... you're missing my point. On a carrier all those different
>aircraft are needed for a whole bunch of different _roles_. (And a matter
>only strike composition.) In MS combat, the Jions were fielding all three

        Oh, yeah. =) I sort of forgot that. Gomen. =)

>big categories of MS all in the same MS-combat role. It's different than
>if they'd kept Doms on the front lines, Zakus backing them up and doing
>rescue/guard work, and Gelgoogs only for special long range intercepts.

        So why didn't they do that? IIRC, Char's special "New Type" unit in
the OYW was equipped with R/Doms specifically to make them the pointy end of
the spearhead (They took out HOW MANY cap ships in their raid on the
moon???). So are you saying them had the idea, but ran out of time?

        What's this with Gelgoogs being a long range interceptor?

> Oh? Don't you think it's useful to _not_ have to take a second or two to
>turn around before thrusting?
> But note also that the shuttle is designed for transatmospheric work. A
>better comparison would be to the LEM lander, which in fact _does_ have
>thrusters studded all around it.

        Okay, okay.. I surrender. =) the Great Probe has spoken! =)

        (It was interesting while it lasted. =)

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