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>Hands and wrists seem to be perpetual bane of Bandai models. In my little
>collection of 1/144 models, I can only consider the 0080 GM to have decent
>poseablity with its gun. The 08MST GM can also carry the misile launcher
>in a very convincing pose, but that's IT! All the rest, well you have the

        Actually, I managed a pretty decent looking pose with the GM[G] and
his little SMG.. Leaned back, SMG at waist level, with the other arm cupping
the mag. Hip-shooting, as a matter of fact. My main complaint with that pose
is that the left hand is a fist, so it doesn't look real.. what I'll give
for a open palm. Bandai really should have included that in it's 1/144 kits.

        Oh a related note, I realised that the KAmpfer is great for doing
certain poses, since it doesn't have hip armour. Also, it's one of the few
1/144 kits that can hold the Sazabi's beam rifle. If you guys have the kit,
you'll realise how frigging big the gun is.. anyway, I actually managed to
get the Kampfer to hold the gun and rest it on the left forearm, with the
Suit on one knee.


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