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<< What figures are we talking about here? I only seen a few Commtech toys and
 they are not verey posable. Do they make the old fashion firugre where you
 can actually fight with them(so I can pose battle scenes from movie.....duh)
 Has anyone bought the commtech toys yet? I was gonna buy 9one, but I am not
 sure of the quality of the sounds. Can someone tell me more info about them?
 Also, do they actually engage in conversation with other characters, or do
 they just use their regular (3) lines and speak to each other?
The Commtech is WAY overrated. They don't use the actors at all, in fact it
sounds like they use less then 5 people to do all of them. Certain figures
talk to eachother. OR more specifically they have a specific phrase triggered
if you scan their comm chip after scanning one of the ones they converse
with. The more I think about it, Darth Maul is really the only one with
awesome articulation, but he needs it to carry his Light saber. Many of them
are poseability wise just like the others. But Sculpt wise I would say they
are all really awesome.

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