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Carmen wrote:

> I would especially like to find out if there were any GUNDAM
> "side stories", fan-fiction, or widely-known theories as to the
> fate of little Mineva after the events concluded in ZZ.

As noted previously, Zeta Gundam video game for Playstation revealed
that she was taken out from Axis by Char Aznable himself and left in
the care of his honest follower Kigunan after all the major events
of Zeta. I haven't played the game myself, but just read the tactical
guidebook published by Softbank. So like Edmund, I have no idea WHEN
did he 'rescue' her from Hamaan's custody exactly, aside that it was
at least AFTER the final showdown of Camille & Scirocco, for the scenes
were taken from the ending of the game. The game itself was not produced
by Sunrise, but said animation footages were produced under the
supervision of Sunrise, so you could regard it as semi-official source.
(unless the powers that be give you another counter-evidence through the
animated films or other media in the near future...:)

Another possible side story regarding Mineva's fate would be 'COUNTER-
ATTACK OF GIGANTIS', the manga by Yuichi Hasegawa long ago, and reissued
in his 'MOBILE SUIT VICTORY GUNDAM SIDE-STORY' published by Kadokawa.
In this funky-but-interesting black-and-white graphic novel, Amuro Ray
goes to Jovian Sphere to investigate some fishy movements of Neo Zeon's
remnants. Jadau Ashita teams up with him and they infiltrate into the
enemy's facility. There they found the real Mineva who survived her
(sort of) puppet master Hamaan, and... THE LEGENDARY TITAN IDEON!
It may sound silly, but in reality, this story is very well-written
and serious science fiction crossover, if you aren't distracted by
Hasegawa's rather cartoony art style... ;-)

>> One hole in the theory based on the ZG game is that Hamman was a very
>> strong Newtype herself. From what I recall Newtypes being able to do,
>> I doubt that the impostor Mineva would fool her for long.
> But you do remember that in ZZ Gundam, Haman never did "talk" to Mineva
>anymore, when in Zeta Gundam, she does report to Mineva on most of the
>"important" decision. To me, it's a clue that the Mineva in ZZ Gundam is
>just a decoy, as the real one is with Char...

Other than that, there were too much clues that she is the stand-in, like
slight but sudden change of the personality between the series...
(Mineva in Zeta had a commanding presence and majestic atmosphere just like
Relena, but in ZZ, we got to have some unstable and 'know-nothing' crybaby.)

And for that matter, there are two possibilities:

1) Char deprived Hamaan of the real Mineva, and Hamaan and her followers
   quickly fake up the look-alike of her to maintain their control over
   the whole Axis forces.

2) Hamaan hide the real Mineva out of the public sight for her safety
   and made up a double to take place of the little princess of Zabi.
   But unfortunately for her, Char became aware of this and took away
   the real mccoy from Hamaan's secret protection for good.

How about it?

Mark S. wrote:

> Personally, I thought Moon Crisis was pretty stupid - just an escalating
>series of set-piece battles which give Matsu-ura a chance to trot out every
>mobile suit ever invented, and thus distract the reader from his rotten
>character art.

I've read the 1st and last installment of 'MS Gundam : REON' serialized in
MS SAGA, and found that the character drawing done by Matsu'ura was very
horrible. He should be change his career into mechanical designer or
something like that rather than manga artist, I suppose... :(

Dyar wrote:

>The "Minerva" captured at the end of ZZ turns out to be a double. The
>whereabouts of the real Minerva are never revealed and there's even a
>question as to whether Hamaan actually ever had the real Minerva at all.

I got to know what the 'Kagemusha' means after watching the episode...:)

>There's a mysterious woman who appears in Chapter 22 of the HATHAWAY'S
>FLASH novella. Karia Dees is described as having short hair and cute smile
>-- and being the "same age" as Hathaway Noah.

But exactly what made you think that she is the possible 'Missing Mineva'
candidate, other than the appearance and the age?

-Sunwook 'diehard lurker' Kim

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