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Mark Simmons wrote :
> Y.Choe writes,
> >Well, it's a sniper model alright! This is the GM that I am assuming that
> >made its appearance in 08th MS Team EP. 11
> Correcto. According to Hobby Japan and the Tatsumi Shuppan film comics,
> it has no modifications from the standard RGM-79[G] GM, just a different
> color scheme and that immense beam rifle. The GM doesn't have enough
> electrical power to run the rifle, so it's externally powered. I'm not sure
> whether the big box on the butt of the rifle is a huge battery, or whether
> the rifle is powered from another vehicle; stills I've seen make it look
> like the rifle is wired to the land battleship on which the snipers stand,
> so it could be in essence a mobile suit-aimed gun turret.

Well, the Sniper is quite independant in the anime and I didn't see any
wires or whatsoever linking it to a battleship. I thought that battery
was some Epac in fact (that would explain how it manages to fire a
continuous beam on a flying target for like 10 seconds) but it's been a
long time since I've read anything about Epacs so I might as well be
Basically it's a regular land use GM with a badass beam rifle but what I
can't understand is why then its name is written differently? (if you
check volume 10's insert, its name isn't the same as regular ground

> Oh, and hello again, everyone!

Welcome back!
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