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>>*SPOILER WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
>>I over did it, but you get the point. If your gonna be talking about
>>stuff from the film, GIVE WARNING!!!
>I is on just about every magazine cover now, it's on the news, it's
>EVERYWHERE. You basically have to go live in a cave until year 2005 or
>to insulate yourself from SW spoilers, some spoiler warnings here
>would have the effect of a drop of water in the ocean.

Right, but it would certainly be very helpful not to have to wade through
of posts debating the meaning of Queen Amidala getting shot to death [and
subsequent revival], or the background history or the meanings of the
names of the
nations in the movie. While you guys did a decent job of not spoiling The
Matrix for
some of us, you still got pretty damn annoying in spoiling several plot
points like the
ones above. Like the guy said, if you go see the movie on opening day,
either take the
discussion somewhere else, or put ample spoilage space so that the rest
of us don't
get the movie spoiled for us.

[I'm using The Matrix as an example because here in Maryland, it is
still almost ]
[impossible to get seats at a weekend showing. I just saw it on Thursday,
and several ]
[people I know still haven't seen it. ]

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