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> I like the articulated hands a lot, but they get loose really quick. Take
>1/100 Sandrock Custom, its swords need strong gripping hands to hold them,
>this was fine at first, but now its hands are loose. I like when you build
>the hand around the gun and then they also give you open hands, fists, and
>hands with holes to grip the beam sabers. I'd love to have all those options
>on all 1/144 and 1/100 kits, along with articulated hands. My MG Char's Zaku
>II's articulated hands are so loose, it can't hold onto anything, Ugh! Does
>anyone know how to fix this or have a spare set of MG Char's Zaku II
>articulated hands?

        Once again, white glue is the answer...alternatively, you can get the Wave
stuff on HLJ's Sci-fi accessories area...

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