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> BTW, does an "actual" Zaku has that kind of restricted head
>mobility? I know the mono-eye is supposed to offset some of that
>restriction, but it really irritate me when the Zaku FZ's head get stopped
>at about 8 degrees off centre. thing to consider is that one should not really put the head
stuck all the way to the base of the unit...I sometimes use small washers
or some other similar thing to create a buffer on the neck rod, so that
there will be some realistic space between head and body...this may also
improve the mobility of the head...however, it doesn't always happen, like
in the Rick DomII
 from 0080.

> One of my picky points about the newer kits (08MST) is that it
>doesn't have articulated hands.. I don't think it's that difficult to create
>a 1/144 articulated hand, so why doesn't Bandai do it?

        Uhmmmm...because it is is expensive in the cost was easier to
cst solid hands, I suppose, plus there is the problem of sheer my case the worst offenders were the G gundam 1/100 hands,

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