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On Mon, 3 May 1999, Y. Choe wrote:
> No, it's not difficult, but with the articulated hands, the grip of the
> weapons become significantly weaker than premolded grip or gluing the weapon
> to the hand. My Re-GZ's grip wasn't strong enough to hold its gun and the
> shield--I had to glue them to make them stable. So it's the nifty
> articulated hands vs functionality of the premolded grips... I'd rather
> have the articulated grips though...

How does the MG and PG grip the guns? Do they have little springs in the

Hands and wrists seem to be perpetual bane of Bandai models. In my little
collection of 1/144 models, I can only consider the 0080 GM to have decent
poseablity with its gun. The 08MST GM can also carry the misile launcher
in a very convincing pose, but that's IT! All the rest, well you have the
point-the-gun-downward resting pose. Or you can point the gun forward in
the plane of the right shoulder, with the nozzle extent out to about 1-2
meters (human scale) from the body. And that pose looks ugly, because no
one shoot like that in real life. All that because of a lousy wrists.

And for a "fully" articulated toy, it's pretty disappointing to have to
lock or glue the gun in the hand. I keep wanting to make a photograph of
a "gun rack" with ALL the weapons in my collection (and it's pretty
impressive if you mentally scale it back up). So I can't glue the guns
yet, but repeatedly opening and closing those snap-together hands will
wrack them in no time.

Sorry I am just rambling on and on... I mean a big reason I buy and build
models is to prove to myself that these mecha could actually work. So I
would consider a functional grip to be pretty fundamental. But of course
I am still disappointed. Which brings me to the final point (which is
why I started writting a foloow-up, geez!)

If you open a broken VHS tapes, you will find a couple of small springs
that would work well to hold the articulated parts of the hands together.
Considering Bandai did put some wires and metal diecast parts in some 800
Yens kits, shouldn't be a stretch to include springs in HG and above kits.
I think it will add tremendously to the fun factor of the kits.

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