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> >adequate supplies of parts, etc. If you can use the same good GM design
> >for land and space, you only need one factory with one production line,
> applies to MS combat... =), but keep a standard "template" suit, and
> standard weapons, so that supplies can be easily secured. Imagine if the

  Which is in fact what the Feddies did!

> have mean the logistics would have been much simpler. Zeon's problem was
> that they were rushing experimental suits into combat without carefully
> ensuring that the suits can get supplied. I mean, in the OYW, the F/J were
> "replaced" by the Rick Dom when the Gundam came out, then there were the
> Goufs, the MAs, the... I think you know better than I do.

  Yep. They had many problems, but the fact of the matter is that Jion
lost because Jion grossly mismanaged the logistics and logic of modern
warfare. They were equipped for a short slap-down-kick one-week war, not
for an extended conflict... even then, they could have won easily if
they'd gotten their butts in gear, produced a ton of Zak-Rs and crushed
the Federation instead of succumbing to all sorts of internal power plays.

> The Feds, on the other hand, kept tinkering with the GM, which is
> based on a comman set of parts. Makes sense, from a logistic POV.


> > Imagine if the US airforce was fielding F-22s (Googs), F-16s (Doms),
> >F-4s (Zaku-IIs) AND F-100s (Zak-I)... imagine if you needed to haul parts
> But they do. A US Carrier Task Force has F-14s, F-18s, Intruders,
> Hawkeyes, Helis, etc etc...

  Mmm... you're missing my point. On a carrier all those different
aircraft are needed for a whole bunch of different _roles_. (And a matter
of fact, the F-14s are being phased out and the Navy is moving to a F/A-18
only strike composition.) In MS combat, the Jions were fielding all three
big categories of MS all in the same MS-combat role. It's different than
if they'd kept Doms on the front lines, Zakus backing them up and doing
rescue/guard work, and Gelgoogs only for special long range intercepts.

> >the modularity of the GM-series, has a special backpack with thrusters
> >pointing in five different directions! This is a MUCH more sensible design
> I don't think the direction of the nozzle will make that big an
> impact.. yeah, sure, it'll take time for the suit to turn around and thrust,

  Oh? Don't you think it's useful to _not_ have to take a second or two to
turn around before thrusting?

> but having more verniers means you can turn faster, and so your big burner
> can turn around faster to change your vector.. The space shuttle sure don't
> carry main thrusters in the nose! =) Still, the GS should have a slight

  But it DOES carry RCS thrusters in the nose!
  But note also that the shuttle is designed for transatmospheric work. A
better comparison would be to the LEM lander, which in fact _does_ have
thrusters studded all around it.


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