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> The simple reason is that victory is often bought with supply lines and
>adequate supplies of parts, etc. If you can use the same good GM design
>for land and space, you only need one factory with one production line,
>and you only need one good supply of parts, unlike the Jions who by the

        What I mean was, yes, by all means replace the verniers on a
standard design with armour, to increase pilot survivability (if that term
applies to MS combat... =), but keep a standard "template" suit, and
standard weapons, so that supplies can be easily secured. Imagine if the
Zeon forces sticks with the Zaku F/J version throughout the war, that will
have mean the logistics would have been much simpler. Zeon's problem was
that they were rushing experimental suits into combat without carefully
ensuring that the suits can get supplied. I mean, in the OYW, the F/J were
"replaced" by the Rick Dom when the Gundam came out, then there were the
Goufs, the MAs, the... I think you know better than I do.

        The Feds, on the other hand, kept tinkering with the GM, which is
based on a comman set of parts. Makes sense, from a logistic POV.

> Imagine if the US airforce was fielding F-22s (Googs), F-16s (Doms),
>F-4s (Zaku-IIs) AND F-100s (Zak-I)... imagine if you needed to haul parts
>for ALL of these guys not to mention fuels (The Zaks used different fuel
>than the rest of them) etc etc.

        But they do. A US Carrier Task Force has F-14s, F-18s, Intruders,
Hawkeyes, Helis, etc etc...

> And also the NT-1. See, note the style of the Gundams' backpacks:
>They've all got two big thruster nozzles pointing _down_. This is because
>the Gundam is designed for ground use or space, (Kinda like the GM-G) but
>not specialized for either. The GM-GS on the other hand, while preserving
>the modularity of the GM-series, has a special backpack with thrusters
>pointing in five different directions! This is a MUCH more sensible design
>for scooting around rapidly and changing directions fast in space.

        I don't think the direction of the nozzle will make that big an
impact.. yeah, sure, it'll take time for the suit to turn around and thrust,
but having more verniers means you can turn faster, and so your big burner
can turn around faster to change your vector.. The space shuttle sure don't
carry main thrusters in the nose! =) Still, the GS should have a slight
manuvearing advantage..

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