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>The Sazabi's head does turn, it's just that the base of it runs too
>far down the the torso for any range of motion.

        So far down... yeah, it does turn, but it has less range of motion
than a standard Zaku, and that's saying something.

        BTW, does an "actual" Zaku has that kind of restricted head
mobility? I know the mono-eye is supposed to offset some of that
restriction, but it really irritate me when the Zaku FZ's head get stopped
at about 8 degrees off centre.

>Sure, the skirt armor is fixed, but the fannel racks and fuel tanks
>are moveable, and everyone seems to forget all the 1/144 CCA kits
>had articulated hands. "Newer" 1/144 kits from Gundam X, V and G-unit

        The back pack is the saving grace of the kit. I've not seen anything
as solid looking as the pack. And I could have sworn the kit was a 1/100...
I mean, it's so BIG! =)

        One of my picky points about the newer kits (08MST) is that it
doesn't have articulated hands.. I don't think it's that difficult to create
a 1/144 articulated hand, so why doesn't Bandai do it?

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