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>On Mon, 3 May 1999, Carmen J. Bernardo wrote:
>> I would especially like to find out if there were any GUNDAM "side
>> fan-fiction, or widely-known theories as to the fate of little Mineva
>after the
>> events concluded in ZZ.
>The second comic of "Outer Gundam" trilogy, "Moon Crisis" is all about
>Mineva (Camille and Judo also make an appearance). It's considered to be
>one of the best Gundam comics. I don't know the story that well, but it
>takes place in UC0099.

At which time, Minerva would be 19~20 years old -- except that *THIS*
Minerva's another decoy who just *BELIEVES* that she's Minerva. (Anastasia
Romanovna, Gundam style!)

On the other hand, given the continuity of the Zephyr Phantom story in the
preceding volume, this is hardly what you'd call Canonical....


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