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Mon, 03 May 1999 16:25:35 PDT

> > are moveable, and everyone seems to forget all the 1/144 CCA kits
> > had articulated hands. "Newer" 1/144 kits from Gundam X, V and G-unit
> > DO NOT.
> We don't forget... the fact is that CCA models are better compared to
>the slightly larger but effectively similar F-91 kits, since they're so
>BIG! Modern GW kits, etc, are proportionately smaller robots, it wouldn't
>be practical to give them articulated hands.

They should have at least supplied the kits with the posed-type hands
included with the V Gundam weapons pack instead of the cube-with-a-
notch type hands most of these kits came with

> But the most important reason I believe is the fact that the articulated
>hands were easily damaged, easily broken, and became loose fast.

Not to mention more expensive to make.

>Personally, I much prefer the MG method of supplying one open, one fist
>and one gun-grip poseable hand! (They actually did this on the Gundam
>Hydra and Gundam Griepe G-Unit kits too, one of the reasons that makes
>them so worth getting!)
> -Probe

I prefer this too. The one thing I think should be law, and the
advantage of articulated hands is, is they are made out of the regular
plastic, not that polycap flexible material. It is nigh
impossible to keep the paint from getting scraped off when putting
gun handles in and out of those polycrap hands.

Mark Kai

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