Mark Kuettner (
Mon, 03 May 1999 14:30:31 PDT

> >Having just seen the Matrix, I really wanted to like it. The FLAT
> >dialogue and cliche soundtrack, coupled with annoyances in CG I
> >cannot stand now (Is it movie law for every CG creature, the Sentinel
> >in this case, to turn straight towards the camera and stick its
> >pinchers out at you to show you what a meanee it is? gag) kept me
> >from that.
>Well to start off, the dialogue and the OST...can you imagine it any other
>way? I mean, the main part of the show was the plot and story and not the
>characters or the dialogue. The characters spoke so little because it
>wasn't the focus.

I felt the characters were the focus. They were rebelling against the
AI that had put the world in illusion and darkness. If you don't
establish the characters and why they are fighting for what they
believe in, it becomes "look at how pretty these computer effects are"

The Mozart maybe; I don't think so.

I actually liked the music, but its so cliche here.

>And to answer your annoyance with CG related creatures showing it's
>almighty fear inducing appearance and strength, would it have the same
>effect if the Sentinel just flew away? Even though the audience was
>expecting the Sentinel to give a turn around and try to tense up the
>viewers, it had to be done otherwise the audience would just think "hey,
>they were so cheap to not even put that in!"

The Sentinel did not even spot the rebel ship in that scene, yet it
turns for an assault like it did? Makes no sense. Less is more. Watch
the movie "Alien". It's much more scarier not actually showing the
creature than if it was done with this CGI "Look at my incredible
detail!" showing off shots like the Sentinels or Spawn.

  I think the Matrix is just a subliminal message to get us to
>think a bit more.

Question your enviroment. Of course. Computers, or their descendents, as the
evil guys again is boring, though. Computers seem to be replacing the Nazi's
as the all-time greatest movie villians, it seems. It's a critique, thaz

Mark Kai

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