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<< And the worst thing is, this is new Kenner junk. At least the old toys
 actually looked
 like the characters they were supposed to be. Now all of these new
 figures are big
 chested, large legged charactatures of the original characters. And I'm
 not talking
 about Princess Leia either.
 At this point, I'm glad the only new figure I bought was Lando
 Calrissian. After seeing
 how they "buffed" out Billy Dee Williams, it made me sick to my stomache.

Actually I was one of those wild collectors last night and I did pick up
about 7 figures, and they have improved considerably. Anyone who thinks they
are all buffed out hasn't checked them out in at least a year. Now they are
going for the ultra realistic look and the Episode 1 figures are actually
awesome. The articulation on Darth Maul is Fantastic, and they haide the
movement joints pretty well actually. So I would suggest you research a
little more before you make grand Sweeping Statements
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