Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Mon, 3 May 1999 10:49:53 -0700 (MST)

> And the worst thing is, this is new Kenner junk. At least the old toys

 On the other hand, the BATTLE DROID KICKS TURN-A BUTT!!!!
 Seriously, I got a couple of these little beauties and am customizing
some right now, but they've got ball-n-socket head joints, shoulder,
elbow, knee and hip joints, plus a neck joint, plus a pistol that's WAY
more detailed than anything from gundam, a rotating backpack, and a
pistol-holster in the backpack, plus realistic weathering and detail on
the order of what we ususally only see in resin Garage Kits out of japan
(actually, it kinda feels and looks like resin too, the STAP droid more
than the regular footsoldier).

  All in all, Bandai and Okawara could learn a thing or two about
mecha design from these new robot figures, they kick butt!

  And speaking of that, I wonder how the new SW movie will end up changing
the face of _Gundam_? After all, Tomino was heavily inspired by design
motifs from Star Wars when he made the original gundam, and SW-designs and
syles have permeated anime ever since. After all, SW has got to be the
most anime-like show ever produced in America, with its flying dragonball
attacks, mystic forces, megabattleships, freaky creatures, etc. I'll wager
that after "Phatom Menance" we'll see a revitalization in the Anime
industry as they try and copy the style of this new blockbuster!


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