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> Edmund Chiu wrote:
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> > If you had the Zeta Gundam game, you would know what
> happen - Char
> > "rescued" her from Haman. My Japanese is pretty bad, so I don't know
> > when exactly does Char rescue Mineva, but my guess is that he rescue
> > her by the beginning of ZZ Gundam, which might be one of the reason
> > why Mineva never really appear in ZZ Gundam...
> That would give me some disturbing thoughts. Didn't Char
> have his grudge
> against the Zabi family? After all, he did personally
> eliminate the last
> surviving adult Zabi, Mineva's Aunt Krishiria, in the closing
> moments of the
> battle of A Bow A Qu. OTOH, Char may have only had a grudge
> against old Degin
> and his quartet of quarreling "Space Nazis" and may have
> decided that Mineva
> was too young to have truly been impressed with their upbringing.

Char has the vendetta against Degin specifically, and then all of the
immediate family member. By the time of Zeta Gundam, Char's vendetta has
cool considerably. And most importantly, Mineva would be important
politically, as a rally point for the former Zeon subjects as well as

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