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> Actually, I think both ideas have merit. After all, the extra
> verniers are useless (well, almost =) on land, so why not remove it and slap
> on more armour/ammo, gear, etc? After all, ground combat will, IMO, consume

  The simple reason is that victory is often bought with supply lines and
adequate supplies of parts, etc. If you can use the same good GM design
for land and space, you only need one factory with one production line,
and you only need one good supply of parts, unlike the Jions who by the
end of the 1YW must have had a supply-line NIGHTMARE as they were
operating not only a few high-end MS, but were also digging up some OLD MS
as they started running out of their standard weapons.
  Imagine if the US airforce was fielding F-22s (Googs), F-16s (Doms),
F-4s (Zaku-IIs) AND F-100s (Zak-I)... imagine if you needed to haul parts
for ALL of these guys not to mention fuels (The Zaks used different fuel
than the rest of them) etc etc.

> >the 8MST GM is the GM-[G]. The GM-G is strictly a colony-fighting MS,
> OIC! =) Let's just keep it as Command(o) and [G], shall we?


> >than any Gundam of that era!) The GM-GS also sports TWENTY TONS more fuel
> TWENTY TONS? But that will reduce it's thrust-to-weight
> tremendously, even with the additional thrusters.. while acceleration isn't

  Well, again, it's got four BIG extra nozzless on its backpack, I
wouldn't knock it. By my calculations, the GM-GS weighs in at 75 tons and
has 74 tons of thrust, the GM-G weighs 56 tons and has 67 tons of thrust,
so it has a slightly higher T/M ratio.... but then you compare the fact
that the GM-GS ALSO has four more verniers than the GM-G.

> the be-all and end-all in MS combat, such a sluggish performance can be
> deadly.. And that will put the GS in the same weight class as the Zaku FZ,
> about 70++ tons, right?

  Yes, 75 tons. 74.5 tons on the Zaku with about 78 tons of thrust, so it
barely edges out the GM-GS. On the other hand, the Zaku FZ only has about
8 verniers or so, while the GM-GS has _14_. This means that while the GM
can't thrust _quite_ as hard as the Zaku (though effectively they're the
same) he's almost TWICE as maneuverable!
  I think that's gonna make the bigger difference in combat.

> >the GM-GS, but it would probably be on par with the Gundam..... certainly
> >WAY better than the GM-[G] which would be utterly helpless in space!
> Which Gundam? the 78 is developed for use in space, right? the NT is

  Yeah, I mean the 78.

> shown engaging in a simulated fight in space, so we can safely bet that it's
> space capable too. Unless you are talking about the 78G, which wasn't

  And also the NT-1. See, note the style of the Gundams' backpacks:
They've all got two big thruster nozzles pointing _down_. This is because
the Gundam is designed for ground use or space, (Kinda like the GM-G) but
not specialized for either. The GM-GS on the other hand, while preserving
the modularity of the GM-series, has a special backpack with thrusters
pointing in five different directions! This is a MUCH more sensible design
for scooting around rapidly and changing directions fast in space.

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