Mark Kuettner (
Mon, 03 May 1999 08:40:07 PDT

> >It's Bandai saving money. Grunt mecha, such as the Jegan, won't get
> >the same level of articulation the Nu gets, if there is a big savings
> Hey, not even the Sazabi was up to non-CCA kits' standard. For
>it has no torso mobility, and the elbow joints are also wierd. Another sore
>point is that the head has absolutely no mobility what so ever. Poseability
>wise, the Sazabi didn't measure up. It just stands there and look go. =)
>Painting wise, almost all CCA kits need a lot of work to make it look
>Lim Jyue

The Sazabi's head does turn, it's just that the base of it runs too
far down the the torso for any range of motion.
Sure, the skirt armor is fixed, but the fannel racks and fuel tanks
are moveable, and everyone seems to forget all the 1/144 CCA kits
had articulated hands. "Newer" 1/144 kits from Gundam X, V and G-unit

Mark Kai

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