Mark Kuettner (
Mon, 03 May 1999 08:29:55 PDT

> >Is this the one featuring the woman from the TV show "Law and Order"
> >in the lead, along with Scott Glenn as a battleship captain??
>"G-Saviour" is the long-awaited CGI/live-action Gundam TV special that's
>been promised as part of the "Gundam Big Bang" for almost a year now.
>You'll find a video clip of it on the GBB web site.
>The Jill Hennesey/Scott Glenn item was initially called "Iron Cross" and,
>to date, has evidenced nothing more than a fan rumor. What little has been
>"revealed" of the plot sounds like a bad rewrite of Gundam 0083.

Is it known if either of these are connected to Dreamworks SKG, as
has been rumored?

Mark Kai

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