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>well as space. Unlike the Jions, the Feds play it safe and smart and make
>sure their MS work well on land as well as space and standardized their

        Actually, I think both ideas have merit. After all, the extra
verniers are useless (well, almost =) on land, so why not remove it and slap
on more armour/ammo, gear, etc? After all, ground combat will, IMO, consume
more ammo and result in more hits than space combat.

> You've got the nomenclature confused again. The Commando is the GM-G,
>the 8MST GM is the GM-[G]. The GM-G is strictly a colony-fighting MS,

        OIC! =) Let's just keep it as Command(o) and [G], shall we?

>than any Gundam of that era!) The GM-GS also sports TWENTY TONS more fuel

        TWENTY TONS? But that will reduce it's thrust-to-weight
tremendously, even with the additional thrusters.. while acceleration isn't
the be-all and end-all in MS combat, such a sluggish performance can be
deadly.. And that will put the GS in the same weight class as the Zaku FZ,
about 70++ tons, right?

>wager that the GM-G would have rather poor space-combat power compared to
>the GM-GS, but it would probably be on par with the Gundam..... certainly
>WAY better than the GM-[G] which would be utterly helpless in space!

        Which Gundam? the 78 is developed for use in space, right? the NT is
shown engaging in a simulated fight in space, so we can safely bet that it's
space capable too. Unless you are talking about the 78G, which wasn't
designed for that anyway..

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