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For anyone familiar with the UC continuity in the MS GUNDAM, ZETA GUNDAM, and
GUNDAM ZZ series, this should be something of a dangler to speculate about. It
concerns the fate of Mineva Zabi following the conclusion of ZZ...

  IIRC, Mineva was more or less a supporting character in ZETA and ZZ,
appearing every so often with her governess (and puppet mistress?) Hamman
Khan. In the final episode of GUNDAM ZZ, the AEUG crew from the New Aghama
finally meets her after defeating Hamman's Axcis forces only to find out that
it isn't really Mineva at all.

  So, what do you think really happened to the little kid? Was she spirited
away by surviving Axcis officers in the wake of Hamman's death, or did she just
disappear out of UC existence?

  I would especially like to find out if there were any GUNDAM "side stories",
fan-fiction, or widely-known theories as to the fate of little Mineva after the
events concluded in ZZ.

Thanks ahead of time,

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