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Y.Choe writes,

>Well, it's a sniper model alright! This is the GM that I am assuming that
>made its appearance in 08th MS Team EP. 11

  Correcto. According to Hobby Japan and the Tatsumi Shuppan film comics,
it has no modifications from the standard RGM-79[G] GM, just a different
color scheme and that immense beam rifle. The GM doesn't have enough
electrical power to run the rifle, so it's externally powered. I'm not sure
whether the big box on the butt of the rifle is a huge battery, or whether
the rifle is powered from another vehicle; stills I've seen make it look
like the rifle is wired to the land battleship on which the snipers stand,
so it could be in essence a mobile suit-aimed gun turret.

  Oh, and hello again, everyone!

-- Mark, back from Europe and ready to judge

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