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Sun, 02 May 1999 17:05:30 -0700

>Yeah what really pisses me off is when they go to Toys R Us or wherever, buy
>up all of the new Star Wars Figures the minute they come out and then charge
>$15-$20 for them just because that is what some stupid magazinesays they are

Glad you mentioned that. Where I live, people started lining up at Toy R Us
stores yesterday for when they open up tonight at 12:01 to start selling
1st Episode toys. A friend and I work part-time for a collector store, and
hearing about these lines, the owner gave us a 1st Ep. toy he already
had(don't know where he got it)to taunt the line. I'm going to be dodging
security and video-taping while my accomplice wanders up and down the line
seeing what people will offer for the toy.

I understand collecting toys, but lining up for two days to gobble up the
latest SW toys is going too far(they aren't even Bandai or Takara toys,
just lousy plastic Kenner junk)..

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