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> The reason people on eBay think they can sell them as rare is simple;
> people are buying them up to sell them on eBay. Toy-collector and comic
> shops(at least here in the States)have earned an evil reputation for buying
> high-profile items just to mark them up as collector items for their
> stores, and they're re-enforcing that reputation by doing the same thing
> with eBay.

I figured it was something like that. I have never dealt with too many comic
shops, the one I do go to, is ran by a nice old couple, got a free Poster for
my Birthday, didn't even ask for anything free(that would be rude too), this
shocked me, actually. They have good prices too, they even get in Japanese
stuff from time to time. But, one local shop I called wouldn't anwser any
questions over the phone and when I went wasn't impressed at all and he was a
jerk to boot. I'll eventually check to see what kind of Japanese stuff they
can get.

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