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> Why the HELL is this on EBAY? I mean, it's a new model that came out
> just a few weeks ago, in another week or two it will be everywhere, and
> another week or two after that store-owners will by trying to GIVE them
> away for FREE because they're so butt-ugly!
> -Probe >>
> yeah and why is every model ULTRA RARE (in big bold print). ULTRA RARE
> PERFECT GRADE ZAKU II yeah that's really rare. I agree it is kinda stupid
> there sometimes.

I agree. Its totally stupid. I mean auctions should be for rare stuff, not PG
Zaku II's and Turn A's. Almost everything is marked rare. I feel sorry for
the poor person that will end up paying at least $9.99 for that Gundam. its
about $3 - $5 something at HLJ.

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