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Sun, 2 May 1999 15:20:23 -0700

>I have just waded my way through 1-10 of
>08th MS Team. To be honest I was rather
>...the first three episodes looked promising
>but it kinda went downhill a bit.
>Anyway Ep 10 was *so* cool. Norris was
>*finally* fleshed out as a decent character.
>...Ep 11 sounds interesting ^_-
>Mata aouze
I afraid 08th MS Team will go down in history as having a few good scenes,
but otherwise rather forgetable.

  The high points of the series IMHO: (okay, even if I haven't seen ep 11)

  The trio of Zakus in eps 8. I loved how broken up their MSs were, They
should have done the series from these guys perspective.

  The return of the Gouf, in ep 10 was great. And Norris was the best
chatacter to come out of this series.

  The refining of all the old OYW mecha, they kept really close to the
original designs but made all that wacky stuff believable.

  The music was pretty good.

The low points.

  The story

  The main characters

  The original mecha designs. The RX78(G) and the EZ8 aren't that great,
and lets not even discuss those crazy mobile armors.

I don't mean to sound negative, I've enjoyed the series, but 08th MS is an
average anime series, and 0083, 0080, Zeta and the Movies I, II, and III
are great anime.


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