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>>colony-fighter GM Commando. You'll note that the [G] appears to completely
>>lack verniers.
> That's why I was wondering whether the [G] Command(o) version is
>also used in space, or is it a Ground only? I know the 79G can't cut it in
>space, no verniers.

Let's see if we can clear this up.

The RGM-79 GM comes in a variety of forms, introduced at various times over
the years. Here's a partial list:

Gundam (1979)

Gundam MSV (1980)
RGM-79L GM Light Armor
RGM-79SC GM Sniper Custom
RGC-80 GM Cannon

Z Gundam (1984)
RGM-179 GM II (Gryps Version)

Gundam 0080 (1988)
RGM-79D GM Cold Climate Type
RGM-79G GM Command (Colony Defense Type)
RGM-79GS GM Command (Space Defense Type)
RGM-79SP GM Sniper II

Gundam 0083 (1991)
RGM-79C GM Type C
RGM-79C Powered GM
RGM-79N GM Quell

08th MS Team (1997)
RGM-79E GM Type E
RGM-79[G] GM Ground Unit

Blue Destiny (1997)
RX-79BD-1 GM Blue Destiny

The RGM-79G GM Command is a variation of the conventional mass-production
GM that's been around, in one form or another, since the original series.

The RGM-79[G] GM Ground Type was introduced in 08th MS Team and carried
over into the Blue Destiny storyline as a heretofore unseen "parallel"
development, specialized for ground combat, that ultimately lost out to the
general purpose variety we've known for all these years.

The RGM-79[G] was so specialized that they had to go back and come up with
another version, the RGM-79E, to identify the GM that Terry Sanders Jr is
first seen piloting in *SPACE* in episode 1 of 08th MS Team.

They could've avoided all this if they could've just foregone having yet
another new Gundam in 08th MS Team. If they'd established that the show
was about a team of ground troops piloting the limited-production RX-79 GM
Ground Units -- a Super GM with some of the Gundam features removed from
conventional GMs -- there might be less confusion....


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