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> >the other the [G] Ground only series. Apparently the Feds eventually dump
> >the [G] series and go on to produce only one main type of GM for space and
> So, are you saying that futher down the road, Feds dumped the 79G
> (08MST) version in favour of an all-singing, all-dancing multi-purpose suit?

   That's correct!
   After all, you never see a GM of the 8MST again in Gundam. Eventually
the GM-C and other variants end up taking over the ground combat role as
well as space. Unlike the Jions, the Feds play it safe and smart and make
sure their MS work well on land as well as space and standardized their

> > [G] refers to the 8MST version ONLY, and it's strictly a ground-only
> >design. (We see regular GM in space in the first episode, though this is
> Actually, I thought [G] refers to the Command(o), while 79G is the
> 08MST version.

  Nope! You got that backwards!

> >colony-fighter GM Commando. You'll note that the [G] appears to completely
> >lack verniers.
> That's why I was wondering whether the [G] Command(o) version is
> also used in space, or is it a Ground only? I know the 79G can't cut it in
> space, no verniers.

  You've got the nomenclature confused again. The Commando is the GM-G,
the 8MST GM is the GM-[G]. The GM-G is strictly a colony-fighting MS,
though since it sports a decent number of verniers it should be able to at
least move around in space. The space-fighter version of the GM-G is
(naturally) the GM-GS which sports a beam pistol, a new backpack with four
more thruster nozzles (while the GM-G only has downward-pointing "Jump
Nozzles" the GM-GS has nozzles pointing in FIVE different directions
which should give it unprecedented rapid maneuverability, certainly better
than any Gundam of that era!) The GM-GS also sports TWENTY TONS more fuel
than the GM-G, giving it a very long space-combat time. Given that, I'd
wager that the GM-G would have rather poor space-combat power compared to
the GM-GS, but it would probably be on par with the Gundam..... certainly
WAY better than the GM-[G] which would be utterly helpless in space!


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