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>Well, depends on how you look at it. As a model, it has the best shield
>in terms of looks and poseability. But if you think about it, carrying
>the shield by hand is pretty stupid. Imagine taking a brow from a Zak's
>hear hawk, your wrist is gonna hurt like hell (ok so a MS doesn't feel,
>but the hand can just fall off). All the real life fighters carry their
>shields on the forearm, but somehow doesn't translate very well to MS
>CHIN, Chien Ting

        Not exactly...if a shield is hand-held, the handle is usually held in such
a way that the shield is held by the hand with the forearm in a vertical
upward position, with the elbow and forearm also being used as
shield-support. You don't just hold out your arm and use the shield at
arm's length, unless it is also dug into the ground, as in when a group of
legionnaires in the ROman times used to do to fortify positions for their
spear throwers and other such. The GP01/FB comes close to emulating the
design, but not really either. some large shields are also designed to be
held in such a manner that the eyehole of the shield is in front of the
fist handle, with the forearm strap away from it, therefore, one will have
to go to the default position of vertical forearm hold if one will use the
peephole...another way that large shields are used is by them having
horizontal shielad straps, where the forearm is in a horizontal position in
relation to the ground.....this is more like how the rx-178 positions its
shield, or how the GP02A is supposed to do it. The Gelgoog shield is
supposed ot be held this way, also. The 08th MS RG79[G] has a shield that
is more properly like a large bracer-type shield, considering the way it
extends beyond the fist like a claw. The rx-78 MG actually is almost in
error in terms of holding its shield.

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