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>the other the [G] Ground only series. Apparently the Feds eventually dump
>the [G] series and go on to produce only one main type of GM for space and
>ground warfare.

        So, are you saying that futher down the road, Feds dumped the 79G
(08MST) version in favour of an all-singing, all-dancing multi-purpose suit?
which will be?

> [G] refers to the 8MST version ONLY, and it's strictly a ground-only
>design. (We see regular GM in space in the first episode, though this is

        Actually, I thought [G] refers to the Command(o), while 79G is the
08MST version.

>colony-fighter GM Commando. You'll note that the [G] appears to completely
>lack verniers.

        That's why I was wondering whether the [G] Command(o) version is
also used in space, or is it a Ground only? I know the 79G can't cut it in
space, no verniers.

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