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Sat, 01 May 1999 23:43:51 -0700

"Y. Choe" wrote:

> > I just got the Mechwarrior 3 demo and it rocks! Are there any Gundam
> > games that can match the graphics and very accurate physics of
> > Mechwarrior 3? Is Gundam 0079: War for Earth for the PC any good (with
> > and without comparison to Mech 3)?
> In a word, no. The closest Gundam Game that mimics Mechwarrior like
> Gameplay is Blue Destiny Games for Saturn Series. And that has fairly
> relaxed physics to say the least.

To elaborate further, when I saw the preview of Gundam 0079 at Anime Expo a
few years back, it played more like an interactive movie, wher you had to
make choices every so often...

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