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> >precedes the RGM-79G by a couple of months. The RGM-79[G] is a
> >"mass-production precede" type -- by which I think they mean "limited
> >production run" -- while the RGM-79G is a true mass-production model.
> So, the [G] is a suit given to proven vets, while the 79G is a grunt

  No no no...
  The [G] version is simply a limited production type early production
prototype that they tested out on Earth, it was never produced in large
numbers. As Mark Simmons pointed out earlier, in the 8mst continuity the
Feds had _two_ parallel GM programs, one the standard GM we know and love,
the other the [G] Ground only series. Apparently the Feds eventually dump
the [G] series and go on to produce only one main type of GM for space and
ground warfare.

> suit? IIRC, the specs on the [G] is slightly better than the 79[G].. BTW, is
> the [G] version used in space?

  [G] refers to the 8MST version ONLY, and it's strictly a ground-only
design. (We see regular GM in space in the first episode, though this is
supposed to be a prototype curiously enough). The G GM is the
colony-fighter GM Commando. You'll note that the [G] appears to completely
lack verniers.

> >served up as pre-cooked seafood by the tsunamis. The rest will become
> Hey, at least you'll get a BIG sushi meal, provided you survive the

  I don't think you'd want to be eating dead fish for months after the


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