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>precedes the RGM-79G by a couple of months. The RGM-79[G] is a
>"mass-production precede" type -- by which I think they mean "limited
>production run" -- while the RGM-79G is a true mass-production model.

        So, the [G] is a suit given to proven vets, while the 79G is a grunt
suit? IIRC, the specs on the [G] is slightly better than the 79[G].. BTW, is
the [G] version used in space?

>MS-V series. The FSWS NT-1, however, appears to owe more to the PF-78
>Perfect Gundam. It has twin beam rifles on the right forearm and a single
>GunCannon-type beam cannon on the right shoulder.

        So if I stay on it's LEFT side, I should be safer, right? =)

>>What will be the effect of a colony crash into an ocean? Let's not talk
>>about the obvious, such as costal towns getting swamped. What are the long
>>term effects?
>No more sushi. Ever. (^_^);
        Owiee... =)

>make up the marine ecology. A good pecentage of these dead fish will be
>served up as pre-cooked seafood by the tsunamis. The rest will become
>potential plagues afterward.

        Hey, at least you'll get a BIG sushi meal, provided you survive the
tsunami. =)

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