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>yep, that's model scaling problem. But sometimes the specs are a little
>ridiculous too. Take Rick Dom II and GM-Command. If you stand the two
>models side by side you would say Dom should weight twice as much as GM,
>but both are about 51 tons.

        I don't think you can really just gauge the weight by size. Remember
that the EFSF uses Frames, while Zeon was using ... uhm, what was their term
for it? well, not Frame anyway.. and difference in armour, fuel, etc. not to
mention material density, pilot weight, etc.. =)

        The short form is that while it may look bigger, it may not
necessarily be heavier..

>Yep, the GM's shield is exactly a riot shield (lovely!). But the last
>time I saw riot police I was on the wrong side of the shields, so I don't
>remember how they hold it :P But if something heavy hit the shield, the
>wrist is gonna hurt like hell.

        Better than having the heavy object hitting YOU. =)

        (What the heck are you doing on the other side anyway?)

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