David Van Cleef (dvc@aeug.org)
Sun, 2 May 1999 13:34:28 +0900

As I've posted before a few times, the GML is currently generating about 10,000
pieces of email (approximately 50 posts * 200 recipients) daily on alpha-aziel.
The tweaks I've made to the ML configuration over the last week seem to have
sped up mail delivery appreciably.

Unfortunately alpha-aziel, even though it is tricked out to its maximum memory,
cannot handle the CPU load (its only a 166MHz alpha-axp) of the hypertext
archiver towards the end of each month, which has to read in and potentially
reindex approximately 1500 html files for each ML posting.

Therefore I made arrangements last week to purchase a machine to run
ML-relatedtasks on exclusively. Its a fairly inexpensive machine, but I'd
really prefer to have the list be run on a self-sufficient basis. ML
Bandwidth is currently gratis from my employer as a perk for engineering
staff, however the cost of the new hardware, while not excessive, is still

Things you can do to support the ML:

1. First an foremost, please continue using and enjoying it. The GML has
had a track-record of being on-topic and free from noise and I want to keep
it that way.

2. Those of you that use the hypertext archive (at http://gundam.aeug.org)
have probably noticed some banner ads appearing on new postings. These
actually do generate a small revenue stream to keep the list available.
Consider clicking through on them if the products/services interest you.

3. I would actually prefer to replace the untargeted ads presently in rotation
with ones that are on-topic to the list. If you have or know of an
anime/videogame/etc.-related website, particularly gundam-oriented, that
has any interest in targeted banner advertising, please contact me.
For those interested, based on the last log analysis, the archives are
getting over 30,000 page hits per month. I'm willing to negotiate
exposures based on either CPM or a percentage of total page hits.

David Van Cleef		- Chief Engineer
dvc@gol.ne.jp		- Global Online Japan
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