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Actually..it may not be as far fetched as it sounds...to me it makes
sense(sorta..Im trying to see it) if one or more stories in AC/AW timeslines
to be interpolated within the UC 79-150 period...for example, it doesnt seem
like TOO much of a strech to see something from
the AW (Gundam X) sometime after Char's Counterattack...which I belive is UC
93.. All you have to do is to switch some key events around, and you can
have something that more or less resembles the Gundam X timeline...which
screws up the F91~ but hey, its not too bad of a strech to say...that most
of the Vulture activity to have taken place in a prortion of the earth but
not all, which will make the Feds Weak enough for the F91~ plot, in which
A-Earth Is a semi-wasteland...it seems like sometimes ^^..and the weakness
of the Feds
The AC timeline could easily be done sometime after Victory Gundam..oh Say
200 or so...and then all we have to do is to have one HUGE war in which all
kinds of bad stuff happen to efveryone to get to where we are in Turn
A........yeha I know its BS, but hey, its better than nothing, no?
Heck maybe God and Devil Gundams were the Catalysts of the entire thing! ^^
>> Well, the new episode aired today (or yesterday in Japan). And looking
>> some of the websites....
>> it turns out, the year 2345, when Turn-A Gundam takes place, is A.D.!
>> Since they have been integrating UC into the story already, it'll be
>> interesting to see how Tomino integrates AC timeline. (AW is still a
> Hey, that's totally WHACKED!
> I mean, we already know the UC timeline is based on the first colonies,
>etc, and V-Gundam ends, when... around UC 0150? And we know that there are
>no colonies NOW, so assuming we have colonies in 100 years *yeah*, that
>puts us at AD 2100, so V-Gundam ends at what, AD 2250 or so which gives us
>just 100 years to fit in the GG continuity, the GW continuity AND at least
>seven big space wars before the GX continuity!
> That's totally ridiculous! What the hell is Tomino thinking!? The way it
>is now, the Tallgeese and Wing-Zero would have to be built during
> -Probe
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