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>> mobility there at all! Also, I like the shield designs, with the grip
>> instead of the forearm attachement. Somehow that looks more realistic
to me.
>Well, depends on how you look at it. As a model, it has the best shield
>in terms of looks and poseability. But if you think about it, carrying
>the shield by hand is pretty stupid. Imagine taking a brow from a Zak's
>hear hawk, your wrist is gonna hurt like hell (ok so a MS doesn't feel,
>but the hand can just fall off). All the real life fighters carry their
>shields on the forearm, but somehow doesn't translate very well to MS

But you have to look at it from the context in which the sheild is being
used. The
shields aren't really being used to block up-close hits, they are being
used to block
blows they can't parry with their beam sabers: bazooka hits, beam blasts,
and missiles.
The shields are held away from the body so that it will either reflect
the explosion
away from the body, or so that the shield can be very quickly dropped if
it the
blast is going to be massive.

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